Why Linen On Me, you ask? Here’s why.

Looking for the best of modern , priced for real life home essentials to match every mood, weather and aesthetic? You’ve reached the right place! Hi there, we’re Linen On Me. Our story. It all started with a designer’s passion and admiration towards modern aesthetics with a vision of providing finest quality goods for utmost comfort and convenience. Being a connoisseur of home goods herself, she believes in the idea of an ideal home oasis. With keen eyes on standard and perfection, she noticed a gap in the market of stores delivering fine quality affordable products, resulting in the launch on LINEN ON ME in 2018. 


Crafted from the need to revitalise the bedroom, LINEN ON ME blends design, fashion and lifestyle to create a unique, nonchalantly cool vibe. As an online-only brand , we practice direct selling by removing layers of unnecessary cost a.k.a. the middleman. Our products are proudly and responsibly manufactured by expert craftsmen from all around India. At the core of it all is our painstaking attention to detail in design and quality of each product. LINEN ON ME strives to cater to your needs of exceptional everyday essentials – and we promise to keep it that way!

The Range

Your comfort, our priority – is what we take very seriously. Hence, we studied the fabrics deeply to deliver the best quality in minimal prices. Available in classic percale, luxe sateen and pure linen, our home essentials set the tone to match all moods by the day and promise cosy cuddles by night. 
Obsessing over every stitch, fold, finish and hue, LINEN ON ME focuses on crafting luxuriously soft and elegant as well as practical products that compliment any interior with its natural relaxed look and subtle texture. Our collection has naturally grown to include all facets of daily life – sleeping, cooking and relaxing. Guess who took eat-sleep-relax-repeat seriously? 

Care is one of the highest virtues the brand believes in ; users first, society next. We genuinely believe in giving back to the society we endlessly take from vis-à-vis we partner with various NGOs to provide for the elderly in need. We make an ongoing monthly donation by donating bed linen and running a host of annual fundraising activities, all proceeds of which directly go to these NGOs. The aim is to help them feel a little more comfortable and cared for during difficult times for every individual deserves a good and safe night’s sleep.

Still don’t believe us? Try our products today!

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